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Your stay within the Margay Nature Reserve helps the jungle to regenerate and the local communities to improve their quality of life.



We generate

own energy

We measure the energy you consume in order to generate it from renewable sources. We use a solar photovoltaic system to create energy and a solar thermal system combined with forest residues reutilization for heating and water heating.


We are going towards zero waste, responsible consumption and neutral carbon impact.

We promote the rational use of resources through different educational strategies that invite you to become part of nature. To imitate nature means that all waste becomes a resource, therefore, we do not use plastic containers but we encourage the use of biodegradable and compostable materials helping our guests to recycle, compost and offset the carbon footprint of their stay.


We protect and conserve water

the origin of life

The water we consume at Don Enrique comes from the mountain, which is a natural slope we protect. “Jungle Water” is our main natural equity, the origin of life in this place. We make sure that liquid waste that we generate return as nutrients to nature. Biological filters and bio digesters help us with this task.


Your experience

experience  intimate, exclusive and unique

The Lodge has a limited carrying capacity (number of people we can receive at the same time): our biophysical and social capacity is 30 people. In this way we reduce the impact on the ecosystem to preserve its organisms (flora and fauna) alive while maintaining its productivity, adaptability and capacity for natural regeneration.

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We believe

in activa and regenerative tourism

The jungle surroundings of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve are lost because of deforestation and intensive agriculture. The ecosystem in which we are immersed is ecologically diverse, rich in beauty and endemism, but fragile in its essence. At Margay we believe in responsible and regenerative tourism, as a tool to sustain, preserve and regenerate the Paraná jungle and improve the quality of life of its local communities.


Big changes

small decisions

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Protected Private Area

Together with the Habitat and Development Foundation, we have declared Margay’s 58 hectares of land as a Private Natural Reserve. Our aim is to safeguard its environment and preserve its natural and cultural values by promoting research and education, and developing regenerative tourism activities that help nature to reproduce and increase its ecosystem services.



If you want to find out other existing natural reserves in Argentina, you can consult

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Work Community

Our vocation is to help  articulate  the private and public sector in order  to develop a public policy aimed for the conservation of existing protected areas and the restoration and regeneration of degraded territories. We understand the importance of developing fair and inclusive agricultural and tourism chains focusing on job creation in order to improve the quality of life of settlers, Creoles and native communities.


To accomplish this task we rely on the expert advice of, a B Corp company specialized in circular economy and regenerative development.

Together with the Argentine chapter of the Club of Rome, we invite you to volunteer in Margay and help fulfill its mission, write to us at

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