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To access the Margay Nature Reserve a 4x4 vehicle is needed.

Otherwise you can  travel from El Soberbio with a non 4x4 car up to Colonia La Flor, (located  just 8 km away from the reserve) and then coordinate a transfer ride with us. The journey  from El Soberbio to Colonia la Flor takes you through 16 km of paved road and then 16 km of rough dirt road, both passable when raining.

Transfers IN/OUT and parking in Colonia La Flor are included in the rate.



To get to El Soberbio from any other part of Argentina by bus, you must first travel to the bus terminal in

Posadas, Oberá, San Vicente or Iguazú and then from any of them to El Soberbio.  Once you’ve got at El Soberbio you need to take a local bus to Colonia La Flor and from there we can coordinate a transfer ride to Margay  (check schedules previously).



The nearby airports are Posadas (located 280 km from the lodge) and Iguazú (located 290 km from the lodge). Flights arrive daily from different parts of the country at both airports.

We can coordinate a transfer ride from any of these points to the reserve or you can also rent a car or travel by bus.

The Margay Reserve is immersed in one of the last preserved remnants of the Paraná jungle, far from towns and busy routes; It is located in a wild place, where the mountain and its inhabitants are hosts.

This mountainous region is located 280 km from Posadas, 290 km from the Iguazú Falls, 40 km from El Soberbio, and only 67 km from the Moconá Falls.

The Margay Reserve is located on the Paraíso River, the southern border of the Yabotí Biosphere Reserve (declared by UNESCO), and in front of 253,000 hectares of forests that preserve the region's biodiversity and that house the Moconá provincial parks inside. and Emerald.

The Moconá Falls are the most isolated and wild natural spectacle in Misiones. It is a unique geological fault in the world that longitudinally fractures the course of the Uruguay River. It is three kilometers long and forms a continuous jump that, depending on the height of the river, can reach a drop of 20 metres.

The falls are surrounded by the Saltos del Moconá Provincial Park and the Do Turbo State Park, in Brazil.

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