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Experiencias a medida

The Margay Nature Reserve is a privately managed protected area immersed in one of the last preserved remnants of the Paranaense Forest on the planet. This wonderful region combines all in one place the invaluable biodiversity of the jungle with the cultural wealth of the Guarani villages and the colonies of small rural producers. Therefore, our purpose is to contribute to the regeneration of the Paraná jungle and its biodiversity, to promote  restorative economies through the diversification of productive activities and to revitalize the cultural identity of the communities that inhabit the region.


Travel with  purpose and be part of the change. 


Disfrutá en familia o con amigos en un lugar inolvidable


Consultanos por tarifas especiales para reservar más de dos cabañas para tu grupo familiar


Alojamos retiros de yoga y wellness, eventos culturales, tours de avistaje de aves, grupos de ciclistas y runners


Diseñamos actividades y vivencias transformadoras según el propósito de cada viaje

 Reforestation plans

Together with the Foundation Huellas para un Futuro , we are part of the National Plan for the Restoration of Native Forests (ForestAR 2030).

We are also part of the Million Trees campaign, which promotes massive native tree planting throughout the country to mitigate climate change and improves people's Nature connectedness through the symbolic and fundamental act of planting a tree.

Nativa plants nursery

We have a nursery of native plant species, a seed bank and an arboretum with the most representative species of the jungle, with the mission of educating, inspiring and generating environmental awareness in our visitors through all experiences.